Saturday, December 23


We don't spend a whole hell of a lot of time highlighting electropunk music around these parts, but what the hell -- it's the weekend, and maybe you're in need of something a little more than the usual Red Bull & vodka to get your body moving tonight.

TWIN CITIES ELECTROPUNK is a collective of Minneapolis-St. Paul electronic artists that's just released its third compilation of songs. Just 1000 such compilations are available in hard-copy form, but you can download all 14 tracks (as well as the first two collections in their entirety) from their website above. These guys are clearly working in true DIY fashion, so, regardless of your general feelings about "electropunk" music, why not head over there and see what you can dig up?

Here, by the way, is how they describe the project, sound, and mission:

"Nobody invented this electropunk thing. No city can claim it (though New York certainly tries). It's simply what happens when you take a generation of bored teens and twentysomethings - raised on hardcore punk, British techno, Nintendo, and Doritos - and place cheap digital recording technology within their grasp. Next thing you know, you've got a million zillion half-rock, half-electronic, cyborg bands thrashing out one MP3s after another of ragged, jagged synthesizer pop and giving it away for nothing on their websites. Nobody asked for some big record label's permission – heck, most of them didn't even pay for the software they're using - they're just doing it for the hell of it. Because there's no excuse for boredom when you’ve got computers and guitars. If that ain't punk, I don't know what is."

Twin Cities Electropunk on MySPACE.

[MP3] Mach FoX/"AXion/FriXion"

[MP3] Evarial/"I Ain't Too Keen on That"

[MP3] Thosquanta/"Lovelife"

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