Tuesday, June 12


This post was inspired by the last post. Therefore, in no way, shape, or form can it be classified as "random." It is, to the contrary, "part of a plan." Whether there is a "point" to that "plan" is another question altogether....

When YAZ/YAZOO went prematurely poof! in 1983, there was good reason to believe that both VINCE CLARKE and
ALISON MOYET would continue to find success -- Clarke as a consequence of his impeccable synth-pop instincts; Moyet on the strength of her rich and distinctive vocal stylings.

Of course, Clarke DID go on to great dance-pop success with Erasure. But Moyet has never quite broken through as a solo artist -- despite some hit singles in Britain in the mid-to-late '80s. These days, hers is a cult following, and she's as likely to record an album of traditional or jazz standards as she is a standard, traditional "pop" offering.

All of which is to reinforce the fact(s) that life is a bitch, there is no justice, and that -- if there IS a God -- he/she/it is a fickle motherfucker with irreconcilably lousy taste in music. (Then again, if BRITNEY SPEARS, ASHLEE SIMPSON, or any former American Idol contestant is struck by lightning (or a truck) in the next couple days, I may be willing to minimize the vim, vigor, and vehemence of my atheism....)


MP3] "Do You Ever Wonder"

MP3] "Whispering Your Name"

MP3] "Windmills of Your Mind"


MP3] "Whispering Your Name" [Single Mix]


Anonymous said...

i second your emotions. it's a damned crime that alf is not a superstar the world over. those pipes of hers are amazing.

Jo said...

Just a short comment on Alison Moyet's career: before Yazoo she used to sing in a punk rock band called The Vicars. There is at least one published theme ("I'm going Mad") in a 1979 compilation called "Southend Rock". You can find more information at:


Hope this can be of interest to somebody... Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Nice comments about Alison, but I've got a few corrections;

To state that Alison never "broke through" as a solo artist is a bit misleading. In fact, she has had multiple top 10 hits and albums (including #1's), and #1/top 10 singles. Many award noms (including Grammy for "It Won't Be Long", Brits, etc.).

Sales of more than 20,000,000 albums in the UK throughout the CBS/Sony years alone.

HER choices, however, have kept her from being on the top in the US. She never wanted to work all that hard at it or to be away from home too long. The US market can be a tough one to break if you aren't a willing participant in the process.

Her audience isn't quite "cult" - it's varied and large. But an 8 year absence from the music scene (due only to her growth as an artist)did have an effect. She wanted to give it to us all dark and moody, and Sony gave her the choice of working with boy band producers or not working.. and Alison chose not to work.

She hated being a pop star anyway. Wanted to sing and work, but wanted to do it her way and preferred to have some anonymity.

Eventually she got out of that contract, released "Hometime" to critical reviews.. later "Voice" (which did quite well).. and has a new album due out in the fall (which will include some of her songs from her West End musical "Smaller").

She's doing just fine. :-)