Wednesday, June 20


Georgia's COSIGNER are led by STEPHEN TOOTLE, whose unassuming vocals are an apt match for the music's amiable, indie-folk-rock shuffle. The outfit seems to be something of a part-time endeavor at the moment, but their previous records can still be ordered from CD BABY.


From the LP LET'S FAST DANCE, 2004 >>>
MP3] "Sorry"
MP3] "No Longer Sentimental"

From the LP CENTER RISE SOLO, 2003 >>>
MP3] "Hills for the Dust"
MP3] "Left to the Quiet"


CreditObserver said...

Hey! Why did they choose such a strange name for a band? It reminded me of the times when I had to ask my mother to cosign for a loan for me))
On the other hand, they can earn good money participating in ads for banks and credit card companies))

Stephen said...

I chose the name because it looked nice. It didn't mean anything to me.

Stephen said...

I should say that I am Stephen Tootle from Cosigner. That is me in the sweater vest.