Monday, June 11


This post was inspired by a television commercial. Yes, I know... how very ridiculously random. But there it is.

Originally, I had thought that the television commercial was for some automobile or another, but apparently it was for JC Penney. Took me a minute to peg the song ("Only You") and original artist (
YAZ) (or "Yazoo," for all the non-Americans out there).

Originally, I had thought that the version used in the television commercial was sung by a woman, but apparently it was sung by a man going by the name of JOSHUA RADIN. Obviously, my memory is unreliable. Forgive me. Alcohol has gradually been eating away my brain.

Originally, the Yaz version of "Only You" came out in 1982 (when I was 12 and my first taste of alcohol was still seven years hence). The song was written by VINCE CLARKE while he was still part of DEPECHE MODE. His bandmates wanted no part of it, so he brought it with him when he formed Yaz with ALISON MOYET. (Three years hence, he formed ERASURE with ANDY BELL).

"Only You" has also appeared in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and the British version of THE OFFICE.

So there it is. And there you have it.

MP3] [VID] "Only You"

MP3] [VID] "Don't Go"

MP3] "Winter Kills"

MP3] "Situation"


jp said...

thanks for the history! i was not aware the age of "upstairs at eric's" but I remember my acid loving friends in the late 80's loved that tape!

HU said...

Could you PLEASE add "In My Room" to your playlist?...That song reminds me so much of when I was growing up and I can't find it anywhere. THANKS!!