Friday, June 1


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Seattle's THE WALKABOUTS are one of the true Rodney Dangerfields of the indie-rock world. No respect.

Sure, they've carved out a bit of a following in Europe over the past decade with numerous releases and extensive touring. But in their home country: Forget about it. For a good part of their 23-year career, they haven't even had a U.S. distributor for their records. Which is a pity. A crime. An abomination.

Because the Walkabouts have been making some pretty swell music over those 23 years. Co-vocalists CHRIS ECKMAN and CARLA TORGERSON have headed a number of different line-ups, but their sound has remained consistent and distinctive through it all. Eckman's deep, growly voice often suggests LEONARD COHEN or SCOTT WALKER, while his guitar-playing evokes R.E.M.'s PETER BUCK -- sometimes by way of RECKONING; sometimes by way of AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE.

The group also has a penchant for the long, slow, and lush. And dark. Southern-Gothic dark. LAMBCHOP has made music like this. And TINDERSTICKS. It's just really too bad so few Americans have had the chance to hear the Walkabouts strut their stuff. This post is a very small effort to change that. To shine a little light their way. To show them a little well-deserved respect.


From the LP ACETYLENE, 2005 >>>
MP3] "Acetylene"
MP3] "Coming Up for Air"

From the LP ENDED UP A STRANGER, 2002 >>>
MP3] "Lazarus Heart"

From the LP SATISFIED MIND, 1998 >>>
MP3] "Feel Like Going Home"
MP3] "Free Money"

From the LP NIGHTTOWN, 1997 >>>
MP3] "Tremble (Goes the Night)"
MP3] "Slow Red Dawn"

From the LP DEVIL'S ROAD, 1996 >>>
MP3] "The Light Will Stay On"

From the LP SETTING TO WOODS ON FIRE, 1994 >>>
MP3] "Pass Me on Over"
MP3] "Nightdrive"

From the LP SCAVENGER, 1991 >>>
MP3] "Stir the Ashes"
MP3] "The Night Watch"


Helpless Dancer said...

Great to see a post about The Walkabouts they without doubt have a back catalogie well woth exploring most of which will be obtainable through Glitterhouse Records via mail order.

Helpless dancer

Chris said...

Thanks for these songs... love the band, but have spent way to less time with them. Maybe it's time to refreshen this friendship! :)

molotov said...

Hey, Chris. And yes, I agree -- it's easy to take the Walkabouts for granted or even forget about them entirely for long stretches. Thanks to Helpless Dancer for the Glitterhouse info. Nice to know.

Vertigo said...

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