Tuesday, June 12


This post was inspired by the last post, which was inspired by the post before that. All "part of the plan," you see. (Though, it should be noted, the "plan" is being held together by a thread at the moment. In listening to an old mix CD last week, I discovered ALISON MOYET and DOT ALLISON on back-to-back tracks. "Ah-hah!," thought I. "If only I'd had the foresight to attach a certain apropos ELVIS COSTELLO tune, then we truly would have been cooking with gas. Alas, alas.")

As far as Dot Allison is concerned, I can't really provide you with a true, wide-screen view of her career. I can, however, hand you a snapshot. It was taken eight years ago, so it's grown a bit faded and grainy. 1999's AFTERGLOW was the Scottish singer's first solo album after fronting the short-lived "trip-pop" act ONE DOVE. She's only released one record since then (2002's more electronica-oriented WE ARE SCIENCE), but she remains in-demand as a guest vocalist for the likes of MASSIVE ATTACK, DEATH IN VEGAS, ARAB STRAP, and... um... PETE DOHERTY. (Well, so long as he doesn't make her his mule....)


MP3] "Mo' Pop"

MP3] "Close Your Eyes"

MP3] "In Winter Still"


saint ymM said...

thanks for bringing Dot Allison to the limelight. she is probably the best kept secret around. her We Are Science was also excellent and "Substance" from this album was remixed by Felix da Housecat.

Amish said...

Substance (Felix da Housecat Remix) is fantastic! I hadn't really heard much else beyond "close your eyes." thanks for the expanded sampler.

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