Thursday, May 31


KRISTOFFER RAGNSTAM is yet another artist from the musical hotbed that is Gothenburg, Sweden. I was primarily drawn to this guy through the song "No One Told Me," whose coil-and-spring dynamics have the feel of a straight-ahead, late '70s/early '80s rocker. With a crackerjack chorus to boot....


MP3] "No One Told Me"

MP3] "If This is Life"


MP3] "Sim Sala Bim"


Fredric Johansson said...


My name is Fredric Johansson and I come from Sweden. Last year I won Sweden's biggest music contest and I am kind of a upcoming man on the swedish indie stage.
I have a band called One man freac show - I/we play some sort of pop-post music inspirated by such bands as Loney dear, radiohead, mogwai and ed harcourt.

OMFS recently released an album through our own record label. The record is called "Hemma" and I have made it avalible at the website - you can download it for free, pay whatever you like to pay for it or pre-order the physical CD and have it sent home to you. I think this kind of album release is appreciated amonge folks who likes interesting pop music and wants to decide by them selves what they want to pay for it. At least that's they way I want to buy music!

Feel free to download the album and tell me what you think about it! Would be awesome.
I have also a pretty nice home made video to one of the album songs, you can find a link to it below!

All the best from ├ůmynnet, Sweden /fredric, OMFS

New album "Hemma" for free at + music video at!

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