Wednesday, May 2


Maybe you've already heard about the covers compilation put out by Portland, Oregon artists back in April? Well, if not, the tracklist looks like this:

01 The Decemberists - “Think About Me” [Fleetwood Mac]
02 Pat MacDonald - “The Harder They Come” [Jimmy Cliff]
03 The Joggers - “Long Distance Runaround” [Yes]
04 The Snuggle Ups - “Dancing in the Dark” [Bruce Springsteen]
05 The Thermals - “Tangerine” [Led Zeppelin]
06 Christopher Walla - “Shattered Dreams” [Johnny Hates Jazz]
07 Viva Voce - “Eye in the Sky” [The Alan Parsons Project]
08 The Minus 5 - “That Smell” [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
09 Talkdemonic - “Sombre Reptiles” [Brian Eno]
10 The Minders - “Don’t Bring Me Down” [Electric Light Orchestra]
11 The Kingdom - “Sister Christian” [Night Ranger]
12 Lackthereof - “What a Fool Believes” [The Doobie Brothers]
13 Whip - “White Wedding” [Billy Idol]
14 Wet Confetti - “Invincible” [Pat Benatar]
15 The Dandy Warhols - “She Sells Sanctuary” [The Cult]
16 Point Juncture, WA - “Pearl of the Quarter” [Steely Dan]
17 Blitzen Trapper - “Crazy on You” [Heart]
18 Crosstide - “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?” [Elvis Costello]
19 Britt Daniel - “Bring It on Home to Me” [Sam Cooke]

Sort of reeks of charity, no? Indeed. It does. But which one? Why, this one right [
HERE], of course. That particular charity's mission? Why, to help homeless youth(s), of course -- which is a pretty damn big problem in the Pacific Northwest, as it turns out. Elsewhere as well, one assumes. But that's for OTHER charity compilations to address.

BRIDGING THE DISTANCE can be had for a paltry $10 if you go [
HERE]. Good cause? Indeed. It is.

MP3] THE SNUGGLE UPS/"Dancing in the Dark"

MP3] WHIP/"White Wedding"

MP3] VIVA VOCE/"Eye in the Sky"


MP3] HEART/"Crazy on You"

[MP3] ELO/"Don't Bring Me Down"


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Wisper said...

Diligently posting late into the evening? Most impressive.

Given your seemingly limitless ability to delve the depths of lesser known greatness to return with pearls for the masses, I was wondering if you take requests, if only genre based?

I was looking for something not so much old as borrowed or blue along the lines of singer/songwriter quasi-acoustic music? Nothing so overtly "one woman an acoustic guitar and whole lotta angst" or other such coffeeshoppery but perhaps something a bit more polished and soulful.

A little lyrics... a little guitar...a little drum beat... is that really too much to ask?

Surely something springs to mind, no?