Wednesday, May 2


Plenty of people have heard of Ireland's DAMIEN RICE the past few years, but they may not have heard of his former band -- BELL X1.

Actually, they were called JUNIPER in the days when Rice was still with them; they adopted "Bell X1" when drummer PAUL NOONAN stepped to the front of the stage.

The group released their third album, FLOCK, in Ireland in 2005. It went to #1 there but didn't make much of a splash anywhere else.

Prickly-guitared, singalong single "Flame" might be BLOC PARTY or MAXIMO PARK on lithium (and filtered through '70s glam/disco). Middle-of-the-road, slow-builder "Natalie" mines a PETE YORN vibe. And the excellently-titled "My Firstborn for a Song" evokes DAVID BYRNE on the verses and JOSH ROUSE on the choruses.


BELL X1 upcoming >>>

Jun 30 2007 8:00P/Malahide Castle/Dublin
Jul 1 2007 8:00P/Live At The Marquee/Cork

MP3] "Flame"

MP3] "Natalie"

MP3] "My Firstborn for a Song"

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