Tuesday, May 8


Seeing as it's now the second week of May in the year 2007, it may seem strange to still be talking about the best songs, albums, and artists of 2006. And that may well be so. But bear with me....

The First Annual Blog Awards -- or MuBAs -- were supposed to take place in the far-more-appropriate month of January. The idea was that a collection of willing music blogs would nominate their favorite songs, albums, and artists of 2006, and that you, the people, would then decide the winners. Simple enough. Or so it seemed.

But then
eMusic began to show interest in participating with the awards, and things apparently took a while to coordinate. About four months, it turns out.

Well, things seem to be all squared away now, and if you're of a mind to, you can vote on the various categories by going
[HERE]. There aren't all that many to wade through, and I'd imagine the whole process wouldn't take you more than a minute or two. Also, they're anonymous, so there's no need to provide your name, address, or other personal information.

EMusic, of course, would be tickled pink if you signed up with them. If you haven't already, you can try their two-week/40 free songs deal. I've done that one before, and I can tell you that cancelling you membership with them (if you choose to do so), is a pleasantly no-hassle transaction. Also, their music selection is quite good and continually getting better.

Now, I'm no shill for eMusic. I'm not big on ads on MP3 blogs, in general. And you don't have to deal with EMusic at all to
vote for the MuBAs. Said voting, by the way, ends June 15.

Along with some of the other nominating blogs, I submitted a playlist at eMusic. You can see it
[HERE] if you have a hankering to do so.

And speaking of the nominating blogs, these would be those:

#1 Hits From Another Planet (http://alienhits.blogspot.com/)
5 Acts ( http://www.5acts.com )
A Beef Sandwich (http://abeefsandwich.typepad.com/)
Advance Copy (http://advancecopy.blogspot.com/)
All Things Go Blog (http:// http://www.all-things-go.com/)
An Aquarium Drunkard (http:// www.aquariumdrunkard.com)
A Plague of Angles ( http://plagueofangels.blogspot.com/ )
Bars and Guitars (http://barsandguitars.blogspot.com )
Both Sides of the Mouth (http://bothsidesofthemouth.blogspot.com/)
Communications Major, English Minor (http://gothbrooks.blogspot.com)
Desperate Youth (http://desperateyouth.blogspot.com/)
Different Kitchen ( http://differentkitchen.blogspot.com/)
Fingertips (http:// http://www.fingertipsmusic.com/)
From Blown Speakers (http://itcameoutmagical.blogspot.com/)
The Good, The Bad, The Unknown (http://goodbadunknown.blogspot.com/)
Hate Something Beautiful ( http://www.hatesomethingbeautiful.com/)
I Am Fuel, You are Friends ( http://fuelfriends.blogspot.com )
I Guess I'm Floating (http://iguessimfloating.blogspot.com/)
Jonk's Music Blog ( http://jonkmusic.blogspot.com/)
Kwaya Na Kisser (http:// www.knkisser.blogspot.com )
The Late Greats (http://staergetaleht.blogspot.com/)
The Listening Post (http://blog.wired.com/music/)
The Music Slut (http://http://www.themusicslut.org/)
My Old Kentucky Blog (http://myoldkentuckyblog.com/)
Noise For Toaster (http://noisefortoaster.blogspot.com/)
Off The Record (http://marchonelectricchildren.blogspot.com/)
Palms Out ( http://www.palmsout.com/)
Quick Before It Melts ( http://qbim.blogspot.com/)
Sand Is Overrated ( http://sand-is-overrated.blogspot.com )
Silence Is A Rhthym Too (http://siart.blogspot.com/)
Speed of Dark ( http://speedofdark-web.blogspot.com/)
Test Pilot (http://thetestpilot.blogspot.com/)
Under The Rotunda (http://itsundertherotunda.blogspot.com )
White Boy Dance Floor (http://whiteboydancefloor.blogspot.com/ )

("A Plague of Angles"... how 'bout them apples. Very likely a better name than the one I've got -- except for the fact that I've always despised religion more than geometry.)

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Anonymous said...

In fact the set is so long I will post it in two parts, this is the first twelve songs, part two will feature the last seven songs of the regular set plus six encore tracks.

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I've always assumed that I would keep this blog going for as long as I was alive to do it, and so I have. But change is afoot, and the time has finally come to put this thing out of its misery.