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I posted on FIELDS in September regarding their EP, 7 FROM THE VILLAGE. I stand by what I said then, so I'm going to say it again now:

"UK-based Fields are a tough band to pigeon hole. Is their music shoegaze? Folk? Both? And, if folk, what KIND of folk? Pastoral? Psychedelic? Both? And what about indie pop? Surely there's a bit of that in there as well. But again, what KIND? Sufjan indie pop? Arcade Fire indie pop? Both? Neither? All of the above? Good grief.

Well, however the hell you want to label them, these four Brits (and one Icelander) create quite the agreeable amalgamation. The truth is, "all of the above" probably is the best answer to the above questions. Folk/indie pop is the overriding combo (and let's make that Arcade Fire indie pop; just listen to those verses accelerating into the choruses on "Charming the Flames"). Fields have a way of lulling the listener into a misguided sense of reverie, only to pull the rug out with a sudden (but subtle) throttle-up of drums and/or voices.

And those voices are key. The leads are alternated between Nick Peill and Thorunn Antonia, but the overall effect is reminiscent of some creepy cult singalong around some haunted-forest campfire. Are these people hippies or Druids? Are they roasting marshmallows or sacrificing animals? Both? Neither? All of the above? Good grief."
Happily, the promise that Fields showed on their debut EP has reached fulfillment on their debut long-player. If anything, EVERYTHING LAST WINTER expands the group's parameters by letting their darker instincts go even darker. I realize that it's not even June yet, but this effort rides up real high on my 2007 Best Albums list -- probably top two. And, not to be too greedy or impatient, but I can't wait to hear what these guys come up with next.


FIELDS in the future >>>

Jun 18 2007/8:00P/ICA/London
Jun 21 2007 8:00P/Inrocks/Indie Club, la Maroquinerie/Paris

MP3] "You Brought This on Yourself"
MP3] "The Death"

From the EP 7 FROM THE VILLAGE, 2006 >>>
MP3] "Brittlesticks"

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