Thursday, September 11


Way back on March 28, 2005 -- some nine weeks before this blog was born -- my Mix CD #223 ("Iron Mike Goes All Spanish Teeth on French Asses & Ears") featured the song "Down in the Valley" by an L.A. band called THE BROKEDOWN.

Some 22 months later, an L.A. band called THE BROKEN WEST released an album called I CAN'T GO ON, I'LL GO ON which featured a song called "Down in the Valley." Coincidence? You best not bet your ass on that. If I were you.

Indeed, somewhere in that 22-month interim, the Brokedown became the Broken West -- presto-chango!; shazam-gesundheit! And now, some 19.5 months after that 22-month interim, the Broken West (still calling themselves "the Broken West") have released an album called NOW OR HEAVEN, which does not feature a song called "Down in the Valley" but does, in fact, instead, feature other songs with other titles that may or may not appear on future albums by the same band with a different name. [Might we helpfully suggest: I DONE BROKEDOWN AGAIN, BROKENER NOW THAN WAS EVER BROKE BEFORE, or BROKEBACK MOUNTED MAJESTY (which that last may or not be the title of a gay "alternative" porn "erotic" film that I may or may not have acted in watched "been forced to witness, by kidnappers, at gunpoint" while residing with my Sugar Daddy "Uncle Donnie" in West "North" Hollywood during my 27 years "hours" as a go-go boy "interactive male model").]


From the LP NOW OR HEAVEN, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Auctioneer"
MP3] "Terror for Two"

From the LP I CAN'T GO ON, I'LL GO ON, 2007 >>>
MP3] "Down in the Valley"
MP3] "On the Bubble"

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