Thursday, September 4


582 days ago, I was sitting three-and-a-half feet to the right of where I am currently sitting, typing the following words into a computer three-and-a-half feet to the right of the computer I am currently typing words into:

"I've been carrying on a one-sided love affair with London's
ROYAL TREATMENT PLANT ever since I first heard their song "You Don't Need Me" back in October of '06. It made my Best Of mix that month, and I still find it a nearly perfect blend of dance/thrash pop/rock."

"Lo and behold, a signature sound -- in an 'empowering,' not 'restrictive' sense -- begins to emerge. SAM's sharp, staccato, sometimes siren-like guitar. TOMMY T's understated, retro, sense-of-menace synth fills. CHRIS and DJ's rumbling, cymbal-crash rhythm section. And, above it all, frontwoman PRINCESS P's playful yet authoritatively aggro vox -- effortlessly escalating from a coo to a caterwaul. BLONDIE as covered by SONIC YOUTH? No, not exactly."

But close enough, apparently, for our purposes at the time. I might also have mentioned the band METRIC as a kindred musical spirit, but I didn't. Until now. 582 days later. When I can also report that, 58 days ago, Royal Treatment Plant released their debut LP, HOPE IS NOT ENOUGH. Some of the title track's guitar work reminded me of the aforementioned "You Don't Need Me," but, honestly, I was a bit taken aback by the borderline-"active rock," power-chord-y accoutrements. I can only hope, going forward, that they hew more closely to the aforementioned Metric model -- and steer clear of the PARAMORE portal to white-trash blandness.

[MP3] "Hope is Not Enough"

MP3] "Crack Whore"

[VID] "Undercurrent"


[MP3] "Carry Me"

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