Sunday, September 21


(So, what's say we spend another Sunday in Australia....)

Surely you all remember MIDNIGHT OIL They were especially big in the U.S. right around the time I started college. So: nostalgia... big-time.

(But speaking of Australia... I guess everybody knows that a goodly percentage of the first Western settlers of that nation were convicts (English, Scottish, Irish) sent from Great Britain. That all started around 1788. What I'd never realized was that the American Revolution actually played a part in this -- seeing as, from 1718 to 1775, England had been dumping a goodly number of their convicts in America (Maryland, Virginia).

(Apparently, in those days, the UK shipped about 70% of its criminals to the colonies and executed 16% of the rest.)

(And now that I think about it, that seems like a pretty reasonable system -- perhaps worthy of consideration here in the U.S. Canada, after all, has quite a lot of unused, wasted space up there. And it's only fair -- Toronto has been shipping all its trash (literally) to Michigan for going on seven years now.)

(So, let's see... the U.S. currently has approximately 2.2 million prisoners, meaning we'll need to send approximately 1.54 million to Canada and kill 352,000 others. For the first part, I would suggest that we split them into 16 barely noticeable groups of 96,250 each, then distribute them amidst the following Canadian hamlets: Noggin Cove, Berry's Head, St. Margret's Head, Cow Head, Grizzly Bear's Head, Herring Neck, Salmon Arm, Alice Arm, Luke's Arm, Robert's Arm, Joe Batt's Arm, Jerry's Nose, Moose Jaw, Moosehorn, Moose Heights, and Porcupine Plain. Should there be any issues with overflow, a few inmates could always be diverted to Swastika, Ontario, Asbestos, Quebec, or Burnt Church, New Brunswick.)

(Now, as to the second part of our problem... the sad fact is, the United States has only succeeded in killing 1,120 prisoners since the death penalty was reinstated 32 years ago [fun fact: George W. can personally take credit for 14% of those -- and all in just the 6 years he spent as governor of Texas!]. A modest proposal: Perhaps we should start feeding our inmates Canadian and British beef, Chinese baby formula, and Mexican chili peppers.)

(We are, as always, "solutions-oriented" here at "a PLAGUE of ANGELS.")

And now, finally, some music... from Australia... (where 20% of the population is descended from convicts... and where some of that population reside(s) in the hamlets of Tittybong, Bobbin Head, Blowhard, Chinaman's Knob, and Black Charlie's Opening. Oy!)

[MP3] "Beds Are Burning" [1987]

MP3] "Blue Sky Mine" [1990]

MP3] "Dreamworld" [1987]

MP3] "Truganini" [1993]

MP3] "The Dead Heart" [1987]

MP3] "One Country" [1990]

MP3] "Kosciuszko" [1984]


Anonymous said...

Worth noting that Peter Garret - lead singer of Midnight Oil - is now a politician in Australia.

Agnes said...

He is now a politician. Tis is a shame really, such a waste. I grew up telling my mum and dad to 'stop playing that midnight oil stuff!'. You'd think that now I'm older that I'd appreciate it but the kid in me still rebels! And we do have some great town names here. I'm a big fan of 'Humpybong', 'Poowong', Mount Buggery' and 'Yorkey's Knob'.

Anonymous said...

Toronto ships its trash to Michigan, but the United States ships its trash to Canada and the entire world ... in the form of its foreign policy (if it can be called that). It's hardly even.
Just a small piece of advice could be learned from Britain's former empire: keep your prisoners, fix your political and judicial system and leave the rest of the world alone.
Peter Garrett is more than just a politician. He is Australia's Minister of the Environment.

Anonymous said...

If you actually listened to the songs of Peter Garrett and Midnight Oil that you have posted here, I wonder if you would still be writing the pap that you did in this post.
Midnight Oil sings about the injustice of colonising Australia, the corporate destruction of the environment and, particularly, ("US Forces") the harm that your blessed America foists upon us all.

molotov said...

Well, so glad you stopped by to share your oh-so-original worldview there, Anonymous. Not trite or tiresome in the least. You humorless, one-dimensional fuck.

Anonymous said...

If the rest of the world was as trite, dismissive and condescending towards you as you are towards anything non-American, we wouldn't allow you across the border (on the off chance you figured you had a passport).
'Trite, tiresome, humorless.' The irony is I bet you think your rehashed stereotypes are witty ... you are a sad, small man and your blog is 100 percent shite. Stay in your trailer homeboy, you might find someone to laugh at you there.

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