Friday, September 12

HK 119

Hey, it's Friday. That may not mean all that much to me (all of my days are pretty much the same), but it probably means quite a lot to a lot of you.

So, today: pop songs. Light as air. Consequential as a treatise on vanilla pudding delivered by PARIS HILTON in a North Dakota T.G.I. Friday's. (Unless, of course, Ms. Hilton was wrestling BRITNEY SPEARS in vanilla pudding in a North Dakota T.G.I. Friday's, in which case TMZ, Anderson Cooper 360, and ESPN2 would be all over it.)

First up: HK 119 -- aka HEIDI KILPELAINEN, a UK-based Finn. The song "Mind" starts out sounding like VIOLATOR-era DEPECHE MODE, before going all BLONDIE on the chorus. (I think I hear some ELASTICA in there, as well.) As for "C'est la Vie," the vibe there is more YAZ-meets-THE TING TINGS.

So, today: sort of inconsequential. Mind-less, even. But hey... c'est la vie... it's Friday.

HK 119 on MySPACE.

MP3] "Mind"

MP3] "C'est la Vie"

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