Monday, September 8


This is shaping up to be a fairly significant week for American releases (in indie circles, at least), but that particular rollout won't begin rolling out until the morrow....

For now, then, we have three Swedes calling themselves DETEKTIVBYRAN. I have decided to translate that as BYRAN THE DETECTIVE. I have decided that "Byran" is Sweden's answer to "Encyclopedia Brown." Or maybe one of "The Hardy Boys," if there was only one Hardy Boy. (Let's go with Parker Stevenson's "Frank," not Shaun Cassidy's "Joe" -- poor Parker had to endure 13 years of marriage to Kirstie Alley.) (Though he did pocket a cool $6 million in the divorce settlement.) (So suck on that, Shaun Cassidy, you one-time, feathered-haired dreamboat, you!)

Byran the Detective... er... Detektivbyran are all about the instrumentals. RATATAT by-way-of BEIRUT, sorta-kinda. High-tech-gypsy-music-box-accordion-oompa-oompa-dance-Dieter's-monkey-dance!

(Oh, and... one last thing I meant to mention...: One of the guys in the band is named ANDERS FLANDERS. Just thought you'd enjoy knowing that.)


From the LP WERMLAND, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Partyland"
MP3] "En Annan Typ Av Disco"

From the LP E18, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Dansbanan"
MP3] "Lyckans Undulat"


Andrew said...

Anders Flanders! Oh, mercy.

Your Ratatat by-way-of Beirut description is quite apt, I think. I like Ratatat, and I like this too. But I'm not sure how much accordion I can stand in one sitting (stand in one sitting?).

Anonymous said...

ByrÄn means agency in swedish... its the detective agency

Anonymous said...

This is cool stuff. I particularly appreciate hearing an instrumental band for a change. Reminds me of Lakia and hte Cosmonauts. Thanks for posting this.