Monday, September 8


Oh, the best-laid plans of mice and men....

I was going to be oh-so-stream-of-consciousness-clever with this one. After dissing sweet 'n' chipmunk-y SHAUN CASSIDY in the previous post, I was going to try and make it up to the man by posting two or three of his two or three '70s hits for your cheese-and-irony-stuffed delectation.

But then I went ahead and actually listened to those two or three '70s hits. Ugh. Ack. Retch. Gag. Bad. Bad. Bad. And not even good, "Showgirls" bad -- just bad, "Striptease" bad. Sometimes, in shooting for "craptastic," you just end up with crap.

So, when it comes to "cheese-and-irony-stuffed delectation," you'll just have to make do with the vintage, Tiger Beat-approved photos above....

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