Tuesday, March 14


All Mighty Whispers are a Franco-Anglo trio (working with a Polish producer) whose cool, elegant sound evokes comparisons to Air, Trembling Blue Stars, and Mercury Rev. Fortunately for us, they write actual "songs," as opposed to artsy-fartsy "soundscapes" that just drift listlessly hither, thither, and yon.

Besides the tracks offered below, you can download three more at their [website], as well as stream their entire debut album, Love Revolution.

[MP3] "Heaven Have Me Now"

[MP3] "Bringing Down Hush"

[MP3] "Winter Love"

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Kelly & Jose said...

It's always nice to see those posting about different bands, so thanks for the exposure to All Mighty Whispers -- although, we think your assessmet of their sound is slightly off. . .we're thinking more along the lines of Sea Ray and Damon Alburn vocal-wise -- and, the one track ("Winter Love") was reminiscent of INXS