Friday, March 17


Initially, today's post was to include just five or six tunes by various Irish artists. Alas, I couldn't help adding tracks, and, before I knew it, the whole thing had gotten tragically out of hand.

So... here's a St. Patty's day sampler to sate your holiday hunger.

(Best enjoyed with corned beef, cabbage, a Shamrock Shake, and a hearty helping of Catholic guilt. Tear that pope to pieces, Sinead! He IS the real enemy!)

Left-click [here] to download.


1) Sinead O'Connor/You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart
2) Sinead O'Connor & Shane MacGowan/Haunted
3) The Pogues/Tuesday Morning
4) U2/Van Diemen's Land
5) JJ72/October Swimmer
6) The Frames/Pavement Tune
7) The Cranberries/Ode to My Family
8) The Divine Comedy/Perfect Lovesong
9) The Corrs & Bono/Summer Wine [live]
10) Damien Rice/Older Chests
11) Ash/Sometimes
12) JJ72/Take from Me
13) U2/One [live/War Child]
14) Sinead O'Connor & the Edge/Heroine
15) Sinead O'Connor/This IS a Rebel Song


jethro said...

brilliant! many thanks.

Mike said...

nice blog... particulary apt on brit pop!

c said...

sweet selections - that's one of my favorite live versions of one.

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