Tuesday, March 28


I wasn't exactly a big-time passenger on the Vines bandwagon when they first broke through in 2002 (though I did prefer their debut album to that of the Strokes'). Well, time flies, and these once-rough-and-tumble Aussies are back with their third LP, Vision Valley (April 4th). In general, this is a quite a departure for the band. The production style is positively "polished," which may be a turn-off to old and new fans alike. Should an old dog learn new tricks? Should a leopard change its spots? Does anybody still give a shit about the Vines?

[MP3] "Don't Listen to the Radio"

[MP3] "Take Me Back"


supergurg said...

*waves Vines flag* yeah, i still like them!

its a bit of a mixed bag down here in Australia, some people hate them, whilst others LOVE them! they are getting quite a bit of airplay at the moment and have been made Feature Album of the Week on Triple J radio!


kliete said...

i've been always been neither here nor there with them.. though i did go and see them in sydney ages ago. I admit i do like their new stuff.. very catchy. Don't listen to the radio is abit nirvanaesque to me.