Thursday, March 23


Describing the sound of Columbia, Missouri's Witch's Hat is no easy feat. The band says they're influenced by "shitty sci-fi, video-game music, coloring books, the clergy, Dungeons & Dragons, sexual frustration, jargon, and onomatopoeia." Well... that's helpful.

Think: They Might Be Giants. Think: Sparks. Think Jethro Tull, if they misplaced their flute. Think Guided by Voices covering "The Battle of Evermore." Think Tenacious D and Spinal Tap in the most epic Battle of the Bands ever. Think soundtrack to the car-ride to the Milwaukee's Best kegger. (On second thought, to hell with it: just go with the dungeons and the coloring books; the dragons and the jargon.)

Visit their MySpace page [here]. Purchase their LP Mastery of the Steel (2005) [here].

[MP3] "Glodyany, 1972"

[MP3] "Huzzah"

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Jeff said...

Awesome. I did a post on them some time ago, here, but yours is much better. And it has a picture.