Monday, March 20


Like many others of late, I have been all entranced and enraptured with the indie rock/pop that's been swirling out of Sweden. I can probably trace my particular infatuation back to my discovery of the MP3 blog Swedesplease in the spring or early summer of 2005. I'm sure that it must have been there that I stumbled upon Gustav & the Seasick Sailors and their nifty little ditty "Angels Fable."

I posted said ditty back in November, as well as three songs from the band's first album, Vagabond's Polka. Now, their second CD, SIRKUS, has been released, and I have two of its songs to offer. If you like what you hear, I hope that you'll visit Gustav & the Seasick Sailors' blog and/or MySpace page and/or Marilyn Records, where you can find out how to purchase their music, regardless of where you happen to exist on this planet.

(By the way, you will find the great "Angels Fable" lurking on SIRKUS.)

From the LP SIRKUS, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Charlie Fay"
[MP3] "Something Weightless"

From the LP Vagabond's Polka, 2004 >>>
[MP3] "Mr. Moment & Miss Clarity"

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Hold-on-for-dear-life said...

glad you liked the Radiohead posts. I've had Nightlife and Seasons of Guessing by Gustav and the Seasick Sailors kicking about on my Winamp for quite some time now but haven't really given them the time of day until this post. but on your recommendation i listened to the tracks, and they're a pretty pleasant band. Swedesplease is a fantastic blog. and also... have you heard Jeniferever? i like them..