Tuesday, March 28


I liked the "sound" of the Stills' debut LP, Logic Will Break Your Heart, even if only a few of the "songs" proved fully-formed and distinctive. The Montreal band will release their second CD, Without Feathers, on May 9th. People are already remarking on the change in the group's sound, as evidenced by opening track "In the Beginning." As it happens, I didn't care for that song, and I don't much care for the rest of the album, either. Yes, that's one more 2006 disappointment for me, but who's counting? (*I* am. Dammit.)

Now here are, more or less by default, my two favorites from Without Feathers...

[MP3] "Baby Blues"

[MP3] "Halo the Harpoon"


Val said...

They really need to bring back Tim on vocals.

Christian said...

When I saw Emily from Metric at the Vice Nite Party at SXSW a couple of weeks ago I asked her if they were performing, she said they weren't but she wrote a song with Dave(?) from the Stills, I guess I've found it, and quite like it, thanks!

c said...

i am a bit disapppointed too - the vocals were crucial to the first record and now it's just blaaaaah.
plus, even the guitars seemed sharper and more icy on the first record. oh well.