Tuesday, March 21


Meligrove Band is a Toronto-based indie collective that seems on the verge of big, big things with their third CD, Planets Conspire. I take special satisfaction in recommending these guys, as Toronto is metro Detroiters' favorite "exotic" city. Easily beats... um... Toledo. Chicago's too much like Detroit (except, of course, that Chicago's a place you'd actually want to live and visit). Oh, and... Cincinnati sucks. Might as well cede it to the South.

Okay, enough with the geography. The primary reason that I'm highlighting Meligrove Band is that I like their music. Hell, if they were from Gary, Indiana, I'd still be praising them to the stars (and wishing them imminent exodus to a somewhat more civilized city in the Hoosier state). Kokomo, maybe. Or French Lick. Hooker Corner? Gnaw Bone? Floyds Knobs? Okay. Never mind.

[MP3] "Everyone's a Winner"

[MP3] "Our Love Will Make the World Go Round"

[MP3] "Planets Conspire"


Anonymous said...

Gee, what about Cleveland?

molotov said...

Good grief! How could I forget The Mistake By the Lake? (Couldn't Buffalo claim that title, too?) Determined to rundown every city in the nation....