Friday, March 24


Today's "SaveFile Friday" features R.E.M. in soundtrack (and closing credits) mode. The band has contributed some pretty nifty ditties to some pretty shitty flicks. Fortunately for us, this is an audio-only post. So... no need to watch Philip Seymour Hoffman spew semen all over his sloppy self. No need to see Chris O'Donnell cavorting in a codpiece. No need to give closet-case, Scientology apologist Tom Cruise the time of day.

Nope. Not here. Not ever. Just do the left-click thing...

[MP3] "Draggin' the Line" [from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, 1999]

[MP3] "All the Right Friends" [from Vanilla Sky, 2001]

[MP3] "Fretless" [from Until the End of the World, 1991]

[MP3] "Revolution" [from Batman & Robin, 1997]

[MP3] "The Great Beyond" [from Man on the Moon, 1999]

[MP3] "This Friendly World" [w/Jim Carrey] [from Man on the Moon, 1999]

[MP3] "Only in America" [from Canadian Bacon closing credits, 1995]

[MP3] "Happiness" [Michael Stipe w/Rain Phoenix] [from Happiness closing credits, 1998]

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