Friday, January 11


I have admitted on this blog in the past that THE CARS were my favorite group in the 1980s and that their 1983 release, HEARTBEAT CITY, was the first LP I ever purchased (on vinyl, no less).

Oddly enough, I think it was GREG HAWKES' integral synthesizer work that hooked me in to their sound at the start. Then there were those super-slick chorus harmonies -- courtesy of super-slick uber-producers ROY THOMAS BAKER (QUEEN) and JOHN "MUTT" LANGE (DEF LEPPARD). Throw in an underrated guitar player (ELIOT EASTON), a MODERN LOVER drummer (DAVID ROBINSON), a Rutger Hauer-lookalike on bass and vox (BENJAMIN ORR), and, last but not least, RIC OCASEK -- a lead singer/songwriter who looked like a cross between JOHNNY RAMONE and Lemony Snickett. I mean, come on.... What was not to like?

Clearly, then, HEARTBEAT CITY will always hold a favored place in my heart. But it's their first album that remains their true classic -- the perfect blend of rock and new wave. We'll be working our way back to that one both today and Monday. Hope you come along for the ride....

From the LP DOOR TO DOOR, 1987 >>>
MP3] "Strap Me In"
MP3] [VID] "You Are the Girl"

From the LP GREATEST HITS , 1985 >>>
MP3] [VID] "Tonight She Comes"

From the LP HEARTBEAT CITY, 1983 >>>
MP3] [VID] "You Might Think"
MP3] [VID] "Magic"
MP3] [VID] "Why Can't I Have You"

From the LP SHAKE IT UP, 1981 >>>
MP3] [VID] "Since You're Gone"
MP3] [VID] "Shake It Up"


John said...

Thanks for the Cars post. I remember seeing them in '79 at Cobo Arena, with the Babys and/or Nick Gilder.

I went to see the New Cars a few months ago and I would recommend them for any Cars fans, even though Ric Ocasek is not touring with them. Todd Rundgren handled the vocals and guitar just fine.

Anonymous said...

I have all my favorite cars songs on my play list except, "Stranger Eyes" from Heartbeat City. I like the lyrics and fast beat. Any chance that you could add that song to what you have? = )