Sunday, January 20


This Sunday's post flows altogether organically from last Sunday's post. Sorta-kinda. If you look at it sideways. And squint.

Last Sunday's post was dedicated to OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, who performed the title song to the movie "Xanadu" with ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA aka ELO. And that's pretty much it. The connection. The organic flow from that week to this. Sorta-kinda.

As a kid, I loved these guys for their slick production(s), elaborate orchestration(s), and magpie-pop sensibilities. '70s prog rock and disco... '60s Britpop... '50s Americana rock 'n' roll... late-Romantic classical... JEFF LYNNE & Co. were shameless in their appropriations. Of course, that was a big part of the reason they were ridiculed and reviled by many of the more straightforward and... uh... "organic" rockers of their day.

But so be it. In a pinch, I'd probably rather listen to ELO and QUEEN than LED ZEPPELIN and '70s-era ROLLING STONES anyway.

Uh... "most of the time," that is.


MP3] "Do Ya" [1976]

MP3] "Turn to Stone" [1977]

MP3] "Sweet Talkin' Woman" [1977]

MP3] "Don't Bring Me Down" [1979]

MP3] "Calling America" [1986]

MP3] "So Serious" [1986]


thefleshhammer said...

Thanks for your generosity with one of the great bands of all time

Henry1969 said...

Thanks for the great music past and present. Just wondering if you happen to have The Knack's "My Sharona" somewhere? That song (esp the guitar part) is pure esctasy!

Anonymous said...

Hey who ever you are thanks a bunch for all the ELO music! I love ELO they really rock :D but you're missing a song from the collection! (And apparently everyone else! even moi o:) Its Ma-Mama belle :3 the intro's the COOLEST and i cant get my paws on it :3 So if you happen to have it i would go nuts with pure glee if you posted it or whatever you have to do to get it on PP. Im crossing my fingers to see if you have it thanks a bunch once again!

Anonymous said...

The links for the ELO music does not work!

kamagra said...

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