Friday, January 18

BEST OF 2002, VOL. 1

No doubt this post is going to seem a bit out of place. "Out of time," at the very least.

But I've recently been revisiting some of my earliest mix CDs to see which songs still hold water, which ones have sprung some leaks, and which ones have long-since sunk. The 40 tunes that will appear here and in next Friday's VOLUME 2 are extracted from 78 mixes. Thus, 6240 minutes (which is to say: 104 hours) (or: 4 and one/third days) of music are distilled to just 160 minutes (aka: 2 and two/thirds hours) of solid (if I do say) semi-nostalgia. If the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE song doesn't send you screaming (hey, it's the one song of his I like), then you should be able to find some stuff worth savoring....

(Oh, and... just to be clear... you may well note that very few of these tracks were actually released in 2002. 'Tis true. But the fact that they were lovingly compiled in 2002 is just the sort of tortured technicality we thrive on around here. Viva la rationalisation!)

Left-click [HERE] to download THE BEST OF 2002, VOLUME 1.

Go [HERE] to get THE BEST OF 2004.

2002, V. 1 TRACKLIST >>>

1 inxs/don't change
2 elastica/waking up
3 hot hot heat/touch you touch you
4 sahara hotnights/are you happy now?
5 the dandy warhols/bohemian like you
6 rilo kiley/the frug
7 the frames/pavement tune
8 justin timberlake/cry me a river
9 golden boy [w/miss kittin]/rippin kittin
10 jets to brazil/wish list
11 john mellencamp/human wheels
12 dot allison/close your eyes
13 the wallflowers/everything i need
14 sugar/if i can't change your mind
15 leonard cohen/take this waltz
16 marianne faithfull/for wanting you
17 manic street preachers/so why so sad
18 alison moyet/do you ever wonder
19 pet shop boys/go west
20 david bowie/suffragette city

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drool, my cars going to be bouncing down the road tonight!