Sunday, January 27



[MP3] "Killer Queen" [1974]

[MP3] "Bohemian Rhapsody" [1975]

[MP3] "Somebody to Love" [1976]

[MP3] "Don't Stop Me Now" [1978]

[MP3] "Under Pressure" [w/DAVID BOWIE] [1981]

[MP3] "I Want to Break Free" [1984]

[MP3] "Hammer to Fall" [1984]

[MP3] "I Want It All" [1989]

[MP3] "The Show Must Go On" [1991]


henry1969 said...

Wow! A fantastic selection of music from Queen. I noticed most of it were 70's work. Anything from the movie "Highlander"? Thanks again!

Ben O. said...

The Show Must Go On is such a fantastic song.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have access to an UNCUT version of Under Pressure. For some reason, as of yet unknown to me, all of the MP3's I have found have been ALTERED. I have the original vinyl, and right near the end of the song, "this is our last chance(dance?), this is ourselves...", there are two phrases before "this is ourselves"...That is, the original recording goes "this is our last chance, this is our last dance, this is ourselves....Under Pressure.." All of the Queen albums on Rhapsody have Under Pressure GRAYED OUT. I was able to locate it under Bowie, but it is the ALTERED version....WTF? Can anybody shed some light on this for me?