Thursday, January 3


This New Year dawns with much ass-dragging -- on both my part and the part of the music blogosphere as a whole. Post-holiday(s) hangover(s), I presume. Literally and/or figuratively.

Today, to help fill the void, three bonus tracks from the UK collective
TRAVIS. These boys are almost absurdly prolific when it comes to their b-sides. In my opinion, the three below pass muster....

(FYI: The band will be heading back into the studio in late February to begin work on their next LP. As a precursor to that, they'll be hashing/hammering out new material during a handful of intimate gigs [see below].)


TRAVIS hashing/hammering out new material >>>

07 February/Brighton, Concorde 2
08 February/Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
10 February/Cambridge, Junction
11 February/Bristol, Trinity
12 February/Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

MP3] "River" [JONI MITCHELL cover]

MP3] "Village Man"

MP3] "Just the Faces Change"

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