Wednesday, January 23


A few days ago, somebody asked me to post THE KNACK's "My Sharona." I don't often get requests for individual songs, but this seemed an easy enough one to comply with. Nearly 30 years after its release, the tune is still top-notch.

If I had any hesitation at all about featuring this particular band on this particular blog, it had to do with the fact that Knack lead singer DOUG FIEGER is the brother of Detroit-area uber-attorney Geoffrey Fieger. The latter is best known for defending Jack Kevorkian aka "Doctor Death."

[DIGRESSION/MINI-RANT ALERT: For the record, I'm all for assisted suicide. Suicide of all sorts, really. Also: abortion, capital punishment, mass murders, thrill kills. "Pro-death" just generally, I guess you'd have to say. (I take special satisfaction from Darwin Award-worthy terminations. Feel the need to taunt a tiger? Fine. But I heartily hope it eats you. Want to climb or ski a mountain peak? Feel free. But may you promptly meet with the underside of an avalanche. Skydiving's your thing? Snag that chute! You're the former prime minister of Pakistan and insist on returning despite countless enemies pledged to putting an end to you? Benazir Bhutto, welcome home!).

Despite my general support for Kevorkian and his van o' death, however, I found Geoffrey Fieger an intolerable, camera-fucking creep. Imagine my joy when he became the Democratic candidate for governor of Michigan in 1998. So repulsed was I by the situation, I found myself unable to cast my intended vote against his opponent, John Engler, who -- besides being a typical, cutting-taxes-will-fix-all-sins Republican -- was essentially just one giant jowl.)

These days, Geoffrey F. is running stupefyingly self-serving TV ads while under indictment for federal-election-laws hanky-panky. The man's general theme seems to be that trial lawyers will inherit the earth because they serve as our selfless defenders against the Big Bad Everything. More likely, of course, they'll sue it out from under us. If you can stomach it, you can have yourself a 30-second looksie [HERE]. End DIGRESSION/MINI-RANT.]

(And to think... the poor guy was only asking for a simple song....)

[MP3] "My Sharona"


[MP3] "That's What the Little Girls Do"

[MP3] "Oh Tara"

[MP3] "Good Girls Don't"




Ctelblog said...

You sure got ishoos. In with anger, out with love.

henry1969 said...

Thanks for listening to my request! You just made my day :) And don't worry abt the ranting...this is a blog after all! Warmest regards, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Boy Howdy, you have a lot of great music on your site! How could you leave out The Monkey & Me though? Classic Knack up.