Monday, January 14


In which we conclude our tiptoe through THE CARS' tulips....

Their first album is still their best; their third, PANORAMA, remains their worst. FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE, NO DOUBT, WEEZER, and untold others owe them a debt.

[Note: The photo above clearly does not -- cannot -- depict the actual band members. That would be entirely too horrifying. So... I must assume that some enterprising Geek-Squad artiste has gone and got his groove on with the Photoshop. By this logic, the "character" in the lower-left corner is not keyboardist GREG HAWKES, but a digitally-enhanced amalgam of GEORGE HARRISON and Adolph Hitler. Above him ("it"), guitarist ELLIOT EASTON has been replaced by either GENE SIMMONS' scion, NICK, or a young, pre-rehab STEVEN TYLER. Next over, it's PAT BENATAR or JOAN JETT (again, impossible to tell which), in full-on, Kabuki-mime regalia, standing in for BENJAMIN ORR. RIC OCASEK is doppelganged by "Office" boss Steve Carell (both the mullet and adam's apple are clearly fake). And a very nice Jewish woman (who may or may not be Italian to boot) poses in place of drummer DAVID ROBINSON.]

From the LP PANORAMA, 1980 >>>
MP3] "Touch and Go"
MP3] "Running to You"

From the LP CANDY-O, 1979 >>>
[MP3] "Let's Go"
MP3] "Dangerous Type"

From their self-titled LP, 1978 >>>
[MP3] "Just What I Needed"
[MP3] "You're All I've Got Tonight"
[MP3] "My Best Friend's Girl"

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