Thursday, January 31


Not all that many hours ago, I wrote about the boy/girl pop duo LOVERS ELECTRIC. The "girl" was EDEN BOUCHER. Turns out, Ms. Boucher has six sisters, one of whom is BUTTERFLY BOUCHER -- a singer & musician in her own right.

Checking my mix-CD archives, I discovered two songs by the latter sister, both of which sounded pretty damn solid in a poppy sort of way. (Probably didn't hurt that one of them was DAVID BOWIE's "Changes," and that the man himself contributed some sly, tossed-off vocals to the thing.)

Not all that many minutes after that, I found "Another White Dash" on the Net. I thought you might like to hear that one as well....

(By all accounts, Butterfly is due to release her sophomore long-player damn-near any day now. It may or may not be titled SCARY FRAGILE.)


From the LP FLUTTERBY, 2003 >>>
MP3] "I Can't Make Me"
MP3] "Another White Dash"


MP3] "Changes" [w/DAVID BOWIE]


erick g said...

awesome. thank you

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering the other day if Butterfly Boucher would be releasing another album. Yay! I like her first one a lot, and "Another White Dash" is one of my favorite songs.

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I dont find this duo a very good one, for me the boy/girl combination on songs does not sound good.