Sunday, May 21

THE '80s - VOL. 2

Well, I certainly don't want to go to this well too often (and I won't), but after last Sunday's '80s nostalgia-fest here at a Plague of A., it seemed at least reasonably appropriate to offer a second serving of said nostalgia-fest. In part, this is because the '80s were such a significant part of my now not-so-glorious life (not that it was all that glorious back then, either, but still...). Beyond that, though, with so many bands aping the '80s in one way or another to gain fortune and fame here in the '00s... well... perhaps that's rationalization enough for another 80 minutes of '80s pop poofery.

Please left-click [here] for said pop poofery.


01) The Buggles/Video Killed the Radio Star
02) Blondie/Call Me
03) Dead or Alive/You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)
04) The Go-Go's/We Got the Beat
05) A Flock of Seagulls/I Ran (So Far Away)
06) Greg Kihn Band/The Break-Up Song
07) ABC/The Look of Love
08) Billy Idol/Dancing with Myself
09) Toni Basil/Hey Mickey

10) Gary Numan/Cars'
11) Yaz/Only You
12) Duran Duran/The Reflex
13) Katrina & the Waves/Walking on Sunshine
14) The Fixx/One Thing Leads to Another
15) Sparks & Jane Wiedlin/Cool Places
16) Modern English/I Melt with You
17) Men at Work/Who Can It Be Now?
18) The Romantics/What I Like About You
19) Talk Talk/It's My Life
20) Tommy Tutone/867-5309/Jenny
21) Alphaville/Forever Young [extended version]


c said...

there were literally a few months there in the 80s where i may have thought men at work were the best band. ever.

hey - i am hosting an online bloggers world cup pool on espn soccer net. i have no clue if that would interest you - but if so, let me know! (it's free....)


Culley said...

Not that all of the songs on there aren't worth notice, but... Talk Talk and Yaz! Nice work.

Daisuke said...


Just surf onto your page from googling "80 Minutes of '80s" which is coincidentally the name of one of my mixtapes.

You can hear it here


download from here

Hope you enjoy it.