Friday, May 5


Per usual, I present my favorite tunes from the month just concluded. And, per usual, I hope you'll find a few you can groove to.

Left-click [here] to grab the tracks.


01) Johnny Cash/Ring of Fire
02) The Go-Betweens/Love Goes On! [single]
03) Camera Obscura/Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken

04) The Kooks/Ooh La
05) The Owls/Air
06) Dirty Pretty Things/Bang Bang You're Dead
07) The Dresden Dolls/The Jeep Song
08) Agent Sparks/Choke
09) Smile Smile/Sad Song
10) The Essex Green/Rue de Lis
11) The Glass Family/Swimming in Fiction
12) Tilly and the Wall/Bad Education
13) Matt Costa/Cold December
14) Arab Strap/Don't Ask Me to Dance
15) Silver Jews/Smith & Jones Forever
16) Irving/Heading North
17) The Perishers/Pills
18) The Bears/How to Live
19) The Black Heart Procession/The Letter
20) I'm From Barcelona/Rec & Play
21) Bruce Springsteen/Eyes on the Prize

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