Monday, May 29


I've been awaiting the new Mojave 3 album, Puzzles Like You, with great anticipation. For about a decade now, Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell & Co. have been putting out solidly melodic records that inspire quiet contemplation and peaceful, easy feelings. At times, some of the slower stuff has come to sound a little "same-y" to me, but perhaps that's just the band's unconscious ode - or intended tribute - to their Slowdive shoegaze roots.

Whatever the case, I tend to like it when they up the tempos a bit. Hard rockers they'll never be, but a little extra kick of giddy-up in the mix helps to keep this attention span-challenged listener from slipping into siesta. Fortunately, the new record seems to feature at least a few tunes that fit me and my attention span to a T. Feel free to try them on for size yourself...

From the LP Puzzles Like You, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Breaking the Ice"
[MP3] "Puzzles Like You"

From the LP Excuses for Travellers, 2000 >>>
[MP3] "In Love With a View"
[MP3] "Krazy Koz"

From the LP Out of Tune, 1998 >>>
[MP3] "Give What You Take"


merz said...

sounds excellent, thanks for the tracks!


music is art said...

in love with a view is one of my very favorite mojave 3 songs... brings back good memories. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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