Sunday, May 28


You know, every now and again I get to feeling sorry for Art Garfunkel. Poor, pathetic fella... always trapped in Paul Simon's little-big-man shadow, both in the S&G days and the subsequent solo ones (though Simon's star has decidedly dimmed these past 20 years; so take heart, Art!).

Plus, another thing: ol' Art's constantly got the cops on his ass. I mean, come on... can't a 64-year-old dude smoke a little reefer in peace?

On the positive side, Mr. Garfunkel's still got that amazing, white-man-Bozo 'fro. And he still has that sweet, helium-high voice that reminds me, somehow, of childhood.

You're the man, Art. (And everybody knows your old partner's a prick.)

These should do nicely for a Sunday morning...

[MP3] "Bright Eyes"

[MP3] "All I Know"

[MP3] "99 Miles from L.A."


Duke of Straw said...

I love Art. Maybe even more than Paul. These are great tunes.


xolondon said...

I love Art and anyone who downplays him is clueless. He doesn't have the razor sharp writing skills of Paul Simon, but he does have a stunning voice (and delivery).

My recent additions to my iPod are "Scissors Cut" and "Mr. Shuck'n'Jive"