Monday, May 15


I've recently been trolling back through my mix CDs from the summer of 2002, just to see what still holds up, what doesn't, etc. One song that jumped out at me in a very positive way was "Falling," by Mcalmont & Butler. "McAlmont" is David McAlmont - a guy who sings so high he can easily be mistaken for a woman (or, at least, Antony from Antony & the Johnsons). "Butler" is Bernard Butler, the once-celebrated guitarist from Suede. I've been on a '60s kick of late, so it's probably no wonder that "Falling" sounds so damn great to me right about now.

[One warning: You'll have to crank the volume a bit on the first two songs here, but it'll be well worth the effort.]

From the LP Bring It Back, 2002 >>>
[MP3] "Falling"

From the LP The Sound of McAlmont & Butler, 1995 >>>
[MP3] "Yes"

[MP3] "Diamonds Are Forever"/David McAlmont [w/David Arnold]


stytzer said...

Falling is just wonderful!

Great 80's post btw :-)

Anonymous said...

Can you please reupload/send me Falling...? It's such a beautiful song; I've been looking everywhere for it! You could email me at