Wednesday, May 31


Well, they just keep on coming... these groups (usually British, or at least trying to be) with their vaguely '80s, neo-New Wave sounds. The latest appears to be the London-based four-piece Boy Kill Boy, whose new album, Civilian, has been out in the UK for about a week now and will be available to U.S. audiences on June 6th (albeit as an import, I do believe).

These guys are generating that infamous NME/"Next Big Thing" buzz across the pond, though I'd rate their current quality closer to the Killers and the Bravery than, say, Franz Ferdinand. Still, there are at least five songs on the record that rate solidly, and they're certainly worthy of a cursory glimpse/listen.

(My favorite track from the album, "On and On," will appear on my upcoming "Best of May" mix, which I should have up here sometime on Friday.)

[MP3] "Back Again"

[MP3] "Ivy Parker"

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