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No, they're not. From Barcelona, that is. They're from Jonkoping. In Sweden. On Lake Vattern. Which is not really close to Barcelona at all. Barcelona is in Spain. Which is between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Different bodies of water altogether than Lake Vattern. So, you see, this is all very confusing....

Oh, and did I mention that there are 29 people in this "band"? No? Well, there are. So then there's THAT to factor in....

Place the blame on EMANUEL LUNDGREN. He's the rather shady-looking character in the picture above that started all this nonsense. I mean, honestly, look at the guy. If he was an American, I would just naturally assume that he has prostitutes of various genders decomposing in his crawlspace. But nooooooo. Because he's Swedish we must give the guy the benefit of the doubt. After all, Swedes don't kill other Swedes: just themselves.

(Also: Swedes don't have crawlspaces. They live in trees. To protect themselves from dragons.)

(Which, come to think of it, makes no sense. But neither does having 29 people in your band and calling yourselves
I'M FROM BARCELONA when, in fact, you're from Jonkoping.)

Regardless, these strange, dragon-fearing tree-dwellers released their debut LP, LET ME INTRODUCE MY FRIENDS, last year to most of the world. Not surprisingly, they chose to ignore America -- no doubt because they knew we would peg them (in ascending order of outrageousness) "eccentrics," "serial killers," and "socialists."

Well, it would appear that they don't give a damn WHAT we think of them anymore, seeing as LET ME INTRODUCE MY FRIENDS will be available today in the States for your perusal and purchase. What should you expect? For starters, think THE POLYPHONIC SPREE. (Hey, wait a minute... those kooks have got a ton of people in THEIR band, too. What the hell is going on? Is this that Rapture thing all the Jesus Freaks have been going on about?)

Truth be told, though, I'M FROM BARCELONA isn't nearly as creepy as the Spree. They don't dress like they're in a cult that worships the Wicker Man, for one thing.

(In fact, there ARE no cults in Sweden. Only hockey leagues.)

So expect all things happy, sunny, and go-lucky. Songs about stamp collections and treehouses and chicken poxes. Also, one about "oversleeping," which one wouldn't think would be a problem in Sweden, seeing as they only work three weeks out of the year.

Yes, this music is twee -- with SUFJAN-goes-to-the-carnival instrumentation, handclaps, and "[We'd] Like to Teach the World to Sing" vocal explosions. But if you can keep your gag-reflex in-check after experiencing the sheer EXUBERANCE of it all, then you just might find yourself thoroughly cheered and charmed.

So, my fellow Americans, I beseech you: Put that carpet-knife down. Crawl out from that crawlspace. The sun is shining, the dragons are banished, and the Swedes are here to infuse you with their inimitable mish-mash of stoic hopefulness and Absolut-fueled tomfoolery.

But better get it from them quick.

Before they kill themselves.


I'M FROM BARCELONA & where you can see them live & in-person >>>

Mar 24 2007 8:00P/Botanique/Bruxells
Mar 25 2007 8:00P/Melkweg Max/Amsterdam
Mar 26 2007 8:00P/La Cigale/Paris
Mar 27 2007 8:00P/Koko/London
Apr 28 2007 8:00P/Bergenfest/Bergen

[MP3] [VID] "We're from Barcelona"

[MP3] "Rec & Play"

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