Thursday, March 1


This was never intended to be a '60s-themed week, especially as I have a number of posts waiting in the wings that I owe to some decidedly contemporary artists (I haven't forgotten about you, folks... honest).

A few days ago, I finally got around to listening to
BOB DYLAN's last album, MODERN TIMES. I didn't expect I'd like it much, and I didn't. This whole "blues" thing he's been getting so much praise for these past five years or so tends to leave me cold. (And yes, I realize that Dylan has always done the "blues" thing; I just much the prefer the man when he's in "folk" or "electric-folk" mode.)
Still, there were two songs on the new record that broke through for me, and there are at least a handful from his more recent canon that I'd rate as some of his very best. Well... the very best of his past 20 years or so, anyway.
[FYI: The Best of February mix will be up tomorrow. I hope you'll stop by and pick it up.]
From the LP MODERN TIMES, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Workingman's Blues #2"
[MP3] "Ain't Talkin'"
From the LP TIME OUT OF MIND, 1997 >>>
[MP3] "Not Dark Yet"
[MP3] "Tryin' to Get to Heaven"
From the LP OH MERCY, 1989 >>>
[MP3] "Most of the Time"
[MP3] "Things Have Changed"


Brad said...

I very much agree with that Dylan's recent use of the blues form just isn't very interesting artistically. And I'm a HUGE blues fan, and it's not a technical point that he doesn't do it well or something. He does. He understands the music and it's roots as well as anyone. I just think (like you, if I read you right) that he uses the blues forms excessively, and it keeps him from writing those incredible songs that we know he is capable of.

I guess I haven't listened closely enough to be able to support this next claim fully, but it's particularly blues shuffles that he relies on too much. Take a song like Meet Me in the Morning, from Blood on the Tracks. It's a blues, but not a shuffle.

At least that's a hypothesis, and I'm going to "test" it on my way to DC today, listening to it all on my iPod.

What do you think? Thansk for your posts adn comments!


molotov said...


Nice to hear from somebody who actually knows the blues form on this. "Blues shuffle" is an interesting phrase and may pretty much hit it on the head for me re: my lack of love for the past couple albums. Though I must say: even the less-shuffle-y blues-based tunes Dylan penned/performed in the '60s were rarely my favorites of his. Bring in da folk; bring in da rock.

(On a separate note, have people been unable to download the last four songs on this post? I tried a new uploader with those; seems to be problematic. If you have a second, please let me know one wat or the other.)

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact I have been having trouble downloading the last song (can't say anything about the ones before it as I already own the albums they're on).

sonny said...

can't d/l any of the last 4

molotov said...

I've put the last four files back up -- but with the same uploader. I want to see if they're still working tomorrow. If not, I won't be using that one again, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I can't download the last 4 Dylan songs, either :(

molotov said...

Okay then... I've uploaded the last four tracks ONE MORE TIME -- this time with the old uploader. This SHOULD solve the problem for good, but I guess you never know. I've had pretty good success with File Den, and almost none with any other uploader. Could use a recommendation in order to avoid future bandwidth issues....