Sunday, March 18


What in the world's come over THE ROSEBUDS? Just two years ago I was praising the boy/girl vocal interplay and "charmingly chimey" ways of BIRDS MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS (an album that ultimately landed itself in my Top 10 album list for 2005).
But with their upcoming third record, NIGHT OF THE FURIES (April 10; Merge Records), IVAN HOWARD and KELLY CRISP want to take us dancing -- '80s and early-'90s style. Thus, if you've been jonesing for a bit of vintage NEW ORDER or EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL, you're in luck. If you're pining for a return to the more lo-fi, charming chiminess of their debut, you're shit out of it.
Me... I'm going along for the ride. But that lopsided smile on my face can't decide if it wants to be quiescently content or quizzically concerned. To paraphrase LEONARD COHEN, I sure hope the Rosebuds aren't on the verge of dancing me to the end of love.

[MP3] "Get Up Get Out"

"Hold on to This Coat" [REMOVED AT ARTISTS' REQUEST]

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wendyo said...

hi molotov, sorry to write you a note in the contact section, but I can't get a contact for name is Wendy and I do the online promotion for Rosebuds. Can you please remove the two tracks you have up (which have not been cleared by the band for free distribution on the internet) and use the track "Get Up Get Out" which they are cool with? I would appreciate it (and so would Kelly and Ivan). You can get the track from our site ( and feel free to contact me if you have any questions at wendyATtoolshedDOTbiz