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Be forewarned: This post will be just DRIPPING with name-dropping and starfucking. I'm just telling you right now....

LET'S GO SAILING is essentially the SHANA LEVY Show. She's already made something of a name for herself playing keyboards for RILO KILEY, IRVING, LISA GERMANO, OF MONTREAL, DEERHOOF, OH NO! OH MY!, and others. On April 27, though, Ms. Levy will stake a claim for her own spotlight with the release of her debut solo effort -- the LP CHAOS IN ORDER.

Of course, it's not ENTIRELY a solo effort; she has received musical assistance from members of SILVERSUN PICKUPS, IRVING, and the currently much-buzzed-about ELVIS PERKINS. She also has made quick fans of the likes of COURTNEY LOVE (who jumped on stage to perform with her) and THE FLAMING LIPS (who play her music over the PA before their shows). Finally, she's cultivating word-of-mouth through TV tie-ins -- with songs appearing on THE REAL WORLD: PHILADELPHIA, ONE TREE HILL, and (tomorrow) GREY'S ANATOMY.

Levy is quite up-front about the immense influence ELLIOTT SMITH has had on her music. And you can hear it -- in her beautifully forlorn lyrics and voice. But CHAOS IN ORDER is no soundtrack to a suicide; more like the bittersweet backing to all things nostalgic -- lost innocence, love, hope, etc. But also an overriding faith in positive change -- new discoveries, new opportunities, new beginnings.

In this way, it really doesn't matter if LET'S GO SAILING's songs are built on jangly guitar ("Heart Condition:) or a bed of piano and strings ("Sideways"). Through it all, Shana Levy's music serves to simultaneously sadden and comfort us -- as many of our best, most meaningful memories tend to do.

LET'S GO SAILING tacking this way 'n' that >>>

Mar 22 2007 11:00A/KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic/89.9 FM/California
Mar 23 2007 8:30P/Echo/ALL AGES/Los Angeles, California
Mar 24 2007 9:30P/Largo/Los Angeles
Mar 25 2007 8:00P/Cafe Du Nord/San Francisco, California
Mar 26 2007 7:00P/The Attic/Santa Cruz
Mar 29 2007 8:00P/Doug Fir Lounge/Portland, Oregon
Mar 30 2007 8:00P/The Tractor Tavern/Seattle, Washington
Apr 3 2007 8:00P/Soiled Dove/Denver, Colorado
Apr 4 2007 8:00P/Sokol Underground/Omaha, Nebraska
[MP3] "Heart Condition"

[MP3] "Sideways"


Anonymous said...

Delightful music beginning to end.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful music.

Anonymous said...

links are broken...check out the remix of it...its good...