Thursday, March 29


This particular post is all about LUCY. But not Lawless, and not Liu. Not the one in the sky with diamonds. Not that mettlesome redhead that's always got some 'splainin' to do. And not the infamous Ms. Van Pelt, whose fickle-pigskin shenanigans eventually led Charlie Brown to buy a TEC-9 and shoot up a Salt Lake City Hooters (sad, but true).
No, this LUCY is an all-female trio based in Toronto. If only they knew their way around a gimmick, they would have all changed their first names to "Lucy" (like some bastard collective child of THE RAMONES and GEORGE FOREMAN) and been tres famous by now. (Poor, misguided Canadians. Always so honest and above-board... always selling themselves short....)
Well, whatever. LUCY actually breaks downs like this:

CJ COSTELLO - guitar, percussion, bass
TRACEY DEY - guitar, percussion
JENN SUNSET - bass, clarinet, guitar

Theirs is clearly a casual collaboration at the moment, though one assumes they wouldn't be opposed to being "tres famous" somewhere down the road. In the meantime, they write and perform across any number of musical genres -- everything from folk to ska to jazz.
LUCY songs can be purchased at ridiculously reasonable prices at CD BABY, BLAST MY MUSIC, and iTUNES.

[MP3] "Everyday"

[MP3] "Swoon"

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