Monday, March 5


A bit of an odds-n-sods starter for the week...

First, my beloved THE INDELICATES have finally put a new song up on their website. When I first wrote about them just about a year ago exactly, it went something like this:

"The Indelicates hail from Brighton and have only been in existence since September 2005. They are led by Simon and Julia Indelicate - whose married-in-name-and-novelty-only vocal interplay brings to mind the Shane MacGowan/Kirsty MacColl dynamic of "Fairytale of New York." Or maybe they're what would happen if you jammed Jarvis Cocker, Black Box Recorder, and Billy Bragg in a blender. You'd get something thick. A bit bitter. Dark. Delightful. Delicious. Ah, leave it to the Brits...."

The new song has more of a driving, "rock" posture to it. If "Fairytale of New York" was the vibe with some of their earlier stuff, then maybe MORRISSEY's "Jack the Ripper" can serve as a point of comparison here.

If you visit the Indelicates' site, by all means consider shelling out a little scratch for their great single "We Hate the Kids." You can get it at iTUNES or -- for the old-schoolers amongst you -- buy it on vinyl [HERE].

As for the rest of today's tunes... chalk them up to the "One-and-Done Syndrome." These would be the sole songs that I enjoyed off some current (and upcoming) buzzworthy wonders. As always, I never post anything on this site that I don't think is pretty damn swell from one angle or another, and one winner on an album is certainly better than none. For me, these were the ones...

[MP3] The Indelicates/"Fun is for the Feeble Minded"

[MP3] The Postmarks/"Let Go"

[MP3] Ruby Isle/"Atom Bombs"

[MP3] David Vandervelde/"Can't See Your Face No More"

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PC said...

FYI, the URL you mention will shortly be disappearing off the net - we've moved to - where you can still buy the single though, along with the Indelicates' latest EP. Otherwise, thanks for the plug :-)
PC/Sad Gnome