Thursday, March 29


It seems only appropriate that ARCTIC MONKEYS are getting a new burst of blog-buzz at the moment. Young upstarts THE FRATELLIS and THE VIEW can't be happy about having to share the cyberspace spotlight.

MAXIMO PARK must have been somewhat non-plussed when those aforementioned Monkeys came clambering/clamoring along, making every blogger and his brother go utterly ape-shit/bananas.

So, maybe some poetic justice will be done if the MAXIMO PARK boys can succeed in stealing back a bit of that buzz and a sliver of that spotlight when they release their new record, OUR EARTHLY PLEASURES, on April 3.

What goes around comes around. And pop will eat itself.

MAXIMO PARK in Europe >>>

Apr 9 2007 8:00/Zeche/Bochum
Apr 10 2007 8:00//Lido/Berlin
Apr 11 2007 8:00/Atomic Cafe/Munich
Apr 13 2007 8:00/Wuk/Vienna
Apr 14 2007 8:00/Mascotte/Zurich
Apr 16 2007 8:00/Rolling Stone/Milan
Apr 19 2007 8:00/Melkweg/Amsterdam
Apr 20 2007 8:00/La Botanique/Brussels

[MP3] "Unshockable"

[MP3] "Nosebleed"

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