Wednesday, February 28


After yesterday's LEE HAZLEWOOD post, it seems appropriate to linger in the '60s for just a little bit longer. Like Hazlewood, RONNIE SPECTOR is best known for her work in that decade, and she too often found herself overshadowed -- in her case by husband and producer PHIL SPECTOR. Their relationship may not have been quite as stormy as IKE and TINA TURNER's, but it surely was no picnic or walk in the park (or picnic in the park) for poor Ronnie, either. (Of course, on the bright side, Ms. Spector DID manage to avoid being shot and killed by the man. You go, girl!)
Last year, Spector released her first album in almost 20 years, THE LAST OF THE ROCK STARS. Not all of the material was new, and, at times, she ended up being overshadowed (yet again) by some of her famous collaborators -- PATTI SMITH, KEITH RICHARDS, JOEY RAMONE, THE RAVEONETTES, etc.
For all that, the woman's voice remains a highly distinctive instrument, and it would be a welcome thing indeed if we didn't have to wait another two decades to hear more of it.

[MP3] "All I Want"

[MP3] "Hey Sah Lo Ney"

[MP3] "There is an End"


[MP3] The Raveonettes [w/Ronnie Spector]/"Ode to L.A."


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