Tuesday, February 27


Singer-songwriter LEE HAZLEWOOD is best known for his '60s collaborations with NANCY SINATRA. Now, at age 77, the man is dying of cancer. But he seems determined to go out with a wink and a nod. And maybe just one more coughing-fit-inducing chuckle. Fuck you, God, if you can't take a joke.
Call it a swansong or a last will and testament, but Mr. Hazlewood's final album, CAKE OR DEATH, came out on January 23. It's a bit all-over-the-place, but that can certainly be excused considering the circumstances of its creation.
Ever wonder what LEONARD COHEN would sound like if he got the notion to channel Hitler over surf-rock guitar? Well, look no further than "The First Song of the Day." Fan of LAMBCHOP? Then I'd guess you might find a happy place in your heart for the string-drenched "It's Nothing to Me."
What with her sexy go-go boots and her Rat Pack papa, Nancy Sinatra got all the love and attention back in the day. But Lee Hazlewood's songs will outlive us all. Peace be with him.

[MP3] "The First Song of the Day"

[MP3] "It's Nothing to Me"

[MP3] Tommy Parsons/"She's Gonna Break Some Heart Tonight"


[MP3] "Summer Wine" [w/Nancy Sinatra]

[MP3] "Lady Bird" [w/Nancy Sinatra]

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