Friday, February 2


Here is January's rather UK-centric mix. Of course, some Swedes have insisted their way in. The Americans -- few and far between -- will be permitted, but only if they sit in the back. Two-drink maximum. No lap-dances.

[This is a DEERHOOF-, FIELD MUSIC-, and PANDA BEAR-free zone.]

[Also: Trying a new uploader this time around. Please let me know if it's better/worse than RapidShare.]

[HERE] to download last month's motley lot...


01) The Killers/All the Pretty Faces
02) The Cooper Temple Clause/Connect
03) The Apples in Stereo/Sunndal Song
04) The Carny/Man Under the Sun
05) The Cinematics/A Strange Education
06) Idlewild/In Competition for the Worst Time
07) Graham Coxon/Tell It Like It Is
08) The View/Superstar Tradesman
09) Yellowish/Lisa Could Die for Elvis
10) Amy Winehouse/Back to Black
11) Irene/Stardust
12) Detektivbyran/Dansbanan
13) Volvoe/Organized Faults
14) Au Revoir Simone/Dark Halls
15) Electric Six/Pulling the Plug on the Party

16) Consequences/Not Coming Home
17) Director/Big Cities
18) Devotchka/The Last Beat of My Heart
19) Winterkids/All the Money
20) The Electric Pop Group/Walk Away


TorontoViewer said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and have spent far too much of my afternoon reading and enjoying your reviews and choices.
Fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

great isnt it? :) Spread the word, I'm spreading it for the UK.

Tradesmen said...

Love the Dali banner but had difficulty trying to build my own