Tuesday, February 13


I've been a fan of JASON MARTIN's one-man band, STARFLYER 59, for years now, so I'm not entirely sure how I failed to notice his 2006 LP -- MY ISLAND. My lack of awareness is even more inexcusable in this case because Martin has essentially released an album every year for the past 12 or 13 years. Thus, as always: He was due.
In recent years, STARFLYER 59 records have moved away from the shoegaze stylings of the early years -- replaced by crunchy guitars and up-front rhythm sections. MY ISLAND continues this trend (though Martin's growly monotone remains a constant).
If I'd heard this thing last year, it likely would have made my Top 12 for '06. As it is, I've little choice but to take solace in a "better late than never" mantra (and the fact that a new STARFLYER 59 release is likely only months away).


[MP3] [VID] "I Win"

[MP3] "Nice Guy"

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Matt Modrich said...

Starflyer rules. Go to my blog at microwavablemartian.blogspot.com to check out an interview I did with Starflyer 59.